wine tourism in Rioja

Wine tourism en Rioja Alavesa is a must if you are a wine lover! Our winery, Calado Pirata is a medieval cellar located in Labastida, in Rioja Alavesa; one of the most beautiful villages in the Basque Country; the ideal place to enjoy food & wine in Rioja.

For us, wine tourism in Rioja Alavesa means much more than visiting wineries. Enotourism means unforgettable experiences, unique moments. Wine is –only- the excuse. It’s about places, landscapes, monuments, remains, mountains, river…and for this reason we have developed different experiences so you will feel part of our family. Every winery has a soul… do you want to know the soul of Calado Pirata? Yes, Pirata means pirate… wondering why?

Our wine tourism in Rioja Alavesa experiencies

And many other activities on demand related with traditions, culture, sport, gastronomy and people are some examples of things you will enjoy with us in Rioja Alavesa. And if you do not find what you want, just contact us and live enotourism in Rioja Alavesa with us!!