Tasting Course in Rioja Alavesa

tasting course in Rioja Alavesa

Tasting course in Rioja Alavesa

Our tasting course in Rioja Alavesa, in our medieval cellar, is a unique experience. More a more, wine is part of our culturre so more an more, people want to learn the secrets of the taste. In a very funny way you will know how to enjoy wine like never before. After visiting our cellar. Cause wine depends on moments.

Beyond science, tasting is a game to enjoy with the 5 senses. A good taster was not borm, it's made! So even we can not promise you will become an expert in 2 hours, we can ensure you will have all you need to  become an expert in a very fast way.

We are waiting for you! Come to Labastida and enjoy the experince.

Characteristics of our expirience

When: any day, under availability

Tasting: 4 wines and 1 tapa.

Duration: 2h

Price: 35 € por persona

To book your tasting course please fill the form or contact us.

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